24 Dec 2011

Batch 2 Ameera Shawl

now with new design Ameera Shawl,
lagi Gempak, lagi Sweet, lagi Hot,
and lagi2 Beauties,

Best Price, Happy Shopping, No Doubt

Shawl tiga segi (for more elegant)
58 inc panjang
24 inc lebar

shawl set (include inner ):
1 set RM32 (sem), RM35 (ss)
2 set RM 59 (sem), RM 62 (ss)

shawl shj:

1pc: RM28 (sem), RM31 (ss) 
2pcs: RM 50 (sem), RM 53 (ss)


My DEAREST ALL beauties,
thanks for support us throughout this journey, 
we couldn't be at this level without all of u, 
we really appreciate all of u,
to make everyone happy,

here comes,
BUY 10 FREE 10 for ALL Floral Gorgeous Inner
just fill in the form of have any question @ email: bebeautiful789@yahoo.com
we will reply as soon as possible.

Batch 5 Floral Gorgeous Inner

Dear ALL Beauty Ladies,

Fresh Design From Beauty Full House
Check it Out..
Relax, Casual & Cool

material: cotton & lycra

saiz: lebar x panjang = 14cm x 24cm
Buy 2 FREE 2 
RM 56 
RM 40
RM 28
(not include postage)